Music, Fashion and Portrait Photography in London

Lightroom Photo Retouching: Luchadora, Before and After

Here’s a shot from a Lucha Libre! shoot I did with make-up artist Nohelia Reyes and model Deirdre. If you mouse over the image, you’ll see the untouched, straight out of the camera, before image. No enhancements, no smoothing, nothing. Read on below the image… I see a lot of ads in fashion magazines that [...]


Milla Jovovich / Fifth Element Looklet Stylings

OK, so I had another go at being a fashion stylist at Today, their featured inspiration was the movie The Fifth Element – I love that movie! Milla Jovovich looks totally hot in it, and she rocks some amazing looks, so it was an excellent choice to kick start my “creative process.” So, inspired [...]


Playing at being a stylist with

I’ve just discovered a new fashion photography toy, over at This is really cool and lets me be the stylist, rather than the photographer. You choose a model, pick the outfit and set the look, and then you can drop her into all sorts of exotic locations. It’s really good fun and the photos [...]