Music, Fashion and Portrait Photography in London

Rock ‘n’ Roll Animals by Sophie Jarry at Proud Camden

Proud Camden South Gallery presents Rock ‘n Roll Animals, a photographic portrait of the contemporary music scene by photographer Sophie Jarry. The exhibition runs from 27th January to 21st March 2010. Inspired by photojournalists such as Henri Cartier-Bresson, French born Jarry first picked up a camera 10 years ago. What began as a hobby quickly [...]


Milla Jovovich / Fifth Element Looklet Stylings

OK, so I had another go at being a fashion stylist at Today, their featured inspiration was the movie The Fifth Element – I love that movie! Milla Jovovich looks totally hot in it, and she rocks some amazing looks, so it was an excellent choice to kick start my “creative process.” So, inspired [...]


Playing at being a stylist with

I’ve just discovered a new fashion photography toy, over at This is really cool and lets me be the stylist, rather than the photographer. You choose a model, pick the outfit and set the look, and then you can drop her into all sorts of exotic locations. It’s really good fun and the photos [...]



OK, so, things have been a bit quiet around here.  I’ve discovered that having twins takes up a lot of your time, not that it was a big surprise… But… I’ll try to make the time to post new stuff, and keep it on topic, not just baby pictures! Thanks for sticking with it, I’ll [...]

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